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Are you tired of searching for a way to secure a good monthly income? Too many schemes with concerning financial contributions? ARE YOU READY TO START A REAL BUSINESS? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! 

B&H Treasures is a company that was established in 2020, supplying clients with Healthy, Fresh & Organic products locally sourced through South Africa and delivered to their doorstep.

We are currently providing A Business Opportunity for those who are searching for the perfect chance to ensure a more than stable income with the ability to work in the comfort of their own homes. 


Own a full branch of B&H Treasures where you sell the following products in your suburb or town or city:

  1. Free Range Eggs (Jumbo & Extra Large)
  2. Honey (Raw Real Honey, Never Heated, Nothing Added)
  3. Cheese (Processed)
  4. Cheese (Full Cream)
  5. Veggies (Packed & Ready to Cook Boil or Steam)
  6. Frozen Cookie Dough (Just defrost Roll Out & Bake)
  7. Frozen Muffin Mix (Just Defrost & Bake)
  8. Nuts, Seeds & Sweets
  9. Meat (Game Venison Organic Antibiotic Hormone Free Meat Including Beef Chicken Pork and Mutton)
  10. Mushroom Sticks (Grow your own Oyster Mushrooms in the comfort of your own home)
  11. Annique Rooibos Product (Become a Annique Rooibos Consultant) You can also choose just to become an Annique Rooibos Consultant excluding a B&H Treasures Branch)
  12. Prime Quest Natural Supplements

and so much more.....

What you get as a B&H treasures Branch owner:

  1. Your Own online website shop
  2. Your own full branding & stationery materials
  3. Head Office Sets up you website so you just start trading immediately

For inquiries please contact Tian on 0665004066 or via WhatsApp or by using the following direct link or via Email: [email protected] 

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