LifeWave X49 (30 Patches = 1 Months Supply)

LifeWave X49 (30 Patches = 1 Months Supply)

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LifeWave X49®
A healthier cardiovascular system
Healthy cognitive function
Muscle Recovery
Fat loss when used in tandem to a 
healthy diet and exercise program
Bone Health
Build muscle quickly
No drugs, chemicals or stimulants
The main benefit of X49 is promoting an increase in performance in strength and stamina.
X49 elevates the AHK-Cu peptide. AHK-Cu is the daughter peptide to the X39 GHK-Cu and offers a
number of unique benefits when it comes to stem cells and health. It has been found to be involved
in the health of the vascular endothelial cells (lining of blood vessels)
AHK-Cu has been researched for many years in the skincare industry. In addition, new research
shows AHK-Cu is as effective as minoxidil for regrowing hair, although we do not make that claim.
Our own research into AHK-Cu has found that, because of its ability to metabolize the amino acid
Alanine, offers the unique benefits that perfectly compliment X39.

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