LifeWave SP6 Complete  (30 Patches = 1 Months Supply)

LifeWave SP6 Complete (30 Patches = 1 Months Supply)

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Compliments a weightloss program
May help to reducecravings
May help reduceappetite
Patented, proprietary formof 
No drugs, chemicals or stimulants
The SP6 Appetite Control patch gently stimulates points on the body that have been used to
balance and control appetite for thousands of years. The result is a natural decrease in hunger and
sugar cravings - without any drugs, stimulants or needles entering thebody.
The SP6 Complete patch helps to control and regulate your appetite and may help to reduce your
cravings without the use of pills, drugs, stimulants or needles.
Place one SP6 Complete patch on the body, using any of the recommended locations. For
optimal results, rotate the patch between the placements that provide you the most control of
your appetite.
Apply the patches to clean, dry skin in the morning. Patches may be worn for up to 12 hours before
discarding. Keep well hydrated while using this product. Do not use more than one SP6 Complete patch
at a time on the body. 

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