Lamb Whole (Average Weight 20-25Kg) Per Kg

Lamb Whole (Average Weight 20-25Kg) Per Kg

R 130

Free from Hormones, Antibiotic Straight from the Farmer in the Free State

Cuts available to choose

  1. Neck - Whole or Chops
  2. Shanks - Whole or Cut up
  3. Leg of Mutton or Lamb - Whole, Deboned, Chops or Minced
  4. Ribs - Whole, Rib Strips, Rashers, 7x7 Block or Riblets
  5. Back - No 7 Chops of Saddle Chops
  6. Mutton or Lamb Leaf - Whole or Chops
    1. Mutton or Lamb Groin - Whole, Stewing meat, or Mince
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